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Our on-site managers are available to handle maintenance and resident issues. Our office property managers have from 23 to 39 years of employment with the company. They want the apartments to be maintained as a homeowner would, paying attention to every detail from painting to flooring to fixtures. We treat your home as if it were our home.


All of our locations have on-site maintenance for the day-to-day needs. We hire independent contractors for flooring, window replacement, carpentry, roofing and other specialties as needed. Some of these contractors have grown with us over a span of 30 years.

Company Policies

The Equity Group, Inc. takes pride in offering fair housing to all people. Our rental acceptance criteria includes passing a credit check on all adult applicants to verify legal status, check for payment history to creditors and verify employment.

We comply with State requirements by providing lead-based paint information, non-standard rental provision requirements, domestic abuse protection information and contact information for the sex offender registry, at the time the application is completed. It is our goal to provide all information up front, to help a prospective resident make his or her decision to rent from us.

Each new resident receives a check-in inspection form to document any pre-existing damage or flaws in the unit at the time of occupancy. This helps us provide any maintenance we may have overlooked and protects the resident from being held responsible for any pre-existing conditions.

Our "no pet" policy, except as required by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), allows prospective residents with pet allergies to feel secure in renting from us. It also reduces carpet damage, therefore, eliminating premature replacement costs. We do allow contained pets such as birds and aquariums.

All applications and forms must be completed with the rental agent and full security deposit paid at the time of application.

The Equity Group, Inc. is an Equal Housing Opportunity provider.

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